Gold Silver Platinum & Diamonds

    Buying Gold & Silver

  • Get cash for gold now at Robinson's! Robinson’s GoldBuyer Enterprises pays top dollar for your unwanted Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry. We are well established, third generation business owners, so sell to someone you know and trust. We often hear sob stories about people getting ripped off at other places in town, come to an aged and established business who you can trust to buy your gold and silver at the highest rate around with the least hassle.

    We offer free appraisals, no pressure, and there is no obligation to sell. Call today and ask about hosting your own gold party. You can earn easy money! Call We Buy Gold today!

  • Diamonds

    We buy all sizes and all types of diamonds. While many places have a carrot requirement we don't, obviously the larger the stone the more you will get for it if you have paperwork bring it in, it helps us tremendously. Don't have paperwork? Don't worry, we have professional gemologists on staff who can determine the value of your item.

  • Sterling Silver

    Here at our Robinson's stores we don't just buy gold items! We also purchase Sterling Silver!

    Sterling Silver is defined as an alloy of mixed metal containing silver 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually sopper). Sterling Silver is very common, this material has been used for thousands of years and the metal that can be found in a multitude of items. Silver items normally contain what is called a "Hallmark" or "Benchmark" on the material such as "SS" or "925". This designates the purity level and will also sometimes include the Silversmith's insignia. Pure silver is nearly 100% silver, however, due to the fact that it's nearly impossible to smelt without a trace of impurity, Pure Silver or ".999" is the industry standard and simply means that the material is 99.9% pure or in some cases, as with Silver bars and coins, you will see ".9999" which means 99.99% pure silver.

  • Coins

    Absolutely no place on the eastern shore can pay you what we pay you for your coins. We buy all United States 18th and 19th century coins, currency and proof sets. Ranging from one piece to a thousand, whether its one coin or an entire collection we have the assets to purchase everything ON THE SPOT. We pay top prices for all large size U.S. currency in all conditions.

    Regular size currency dated 1934 and before is also sought after, especially any and all $500, $1000, $5000 and $10000 notes. Offer any, you may be willing to sell. As we buy approximately 99% of all items offered to us, you may ship with confidence for our highest offer and immediate payment. Along with currency and notes we buy rare silver eagles and gold bullion. WE BUY ALL GOLD COINS!!!